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A Conviventia Fundraiser
April 25th, 2022

About this event

Our first Art of Education event last November went so well we decided to bring it back, with a twist!
Equipping teachers and staff across La Guajira to serve thousands of vulnerable children and families in Colombia's desert region.
25 April, 2022.
6:30pm -8:30pm

We’re so excited to be hosting the second round of Conviventia’s Art of Education event!


This is a special night of champagne tasting, delicious hors d’oeuvres, and amazing artwork from both local and Latin American artists. It will be at the beautiful Archway Gallery in Montrose on the evening of April 25th, 2022. 


We’ll gather in the name of expanding God’s kingdom in Colombia’s darkest corners!


Our U.S. staff and volunteers will be hosting you along with Conviventia’s President and CEO, Missy Christie who is flying in from Colombia. Alongside our Executive Director, Dag Blokkum, Missy will be sharing with you about the exciting expansion of our education projects to the desert region of La Guajira, Colombia. For the first time ever, our transformational "School with a Purpose" model is being brought to Christian schools across La Guajira, which serve an incredibly vulnerable indigenous and Venezuelan refugee population. 


All funds raised will go towards equipping the teachers, chaplains, social workers, psychologists, and nurses in La Guajira to serve these precious children and their families.


We look forward to a night of fellowship, art, culture, and 

social transformation!

The Conference

Special Guests

Some of the wonderful people that are helping us make this an excellent night for our donors!
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Please RSVP on behalf of yourself and any friends/family you're bringing.

Thank you so much for helping us expand our network!

About Conviventia

We are a Christian development and relief non-profit breaking the cycle of poverty in Colombia by strengthening individuals, families and communities through a broad range of programs based on the principles of faith, empowerment and sustainability.

Our four programs:

- Education

- Income Generation

- Humanitarian Aid

- Family & Leadership

Our God is Love schools provide holistic Christian education to children in Colombia's most vulnerable communities under our 'School with a Purpose' model, which focuses on their academic, psychological, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development.


This event is focused on supporting our God is Love school in El Pozon, Cartagena.


what problems are we looking to address?

In the last months, the already complex series of risks faced by families and children in Colombia have increased due to the various measures that were implemented to control COVID-19. The shocks experienced have caused levels of tension within families and communities to grow, exposing a larger number of people to poverty and increased psychosocial risks.   These risks for children and youth, mainly, are exacerbated when personal, family, and social conditions converge with each other.


The project targets children, youth, and families in two areas in the northern desert of Colombia, called La Guajira. We aim to reach the Wayuu ethnic group, Venezuelan migrants, and Colombian people facing poverty.  The Wayúu indigenous population constitutes 42% of the population of La Guajira. The Wayúu are the largest ethnic group in Colombia. They do not have constant religious authority; however, shamans serve as intermediaries between the spirits and their community.  According to the report of Migration Colombia (2021), more than 150,000 Venezuelans are present in the target area and thousands more cross the border on their way to other parts of Colombia. Guajira holds the highest rates of poverty in Colombia (62.9% according to UNDP, 2021).  This translates into high levels of hopelessness among youth. Children find themselves at risk of abuse.


According to the national authority of indigenous groups (ONIC),   even though Colombia’s constitutional court  in 2017 sentenced that actions should be implemented to stop the death of children due to hunger and thirst in La Guajira, 5,320 children have died from malnutrition and 16,000 are currently suffering undernourishment. Conviventia has targeted the city of Riohacha and the municipality of Musichi, in Manaure.  The impoverished population living in both areas lack access to public services and potable water. Basic hygiene and sanitation conditions are inadequate. The families earn their livelihoods mainly from informal trades such as weaving, street vending, recycling, and motorcycle-taxiing. Is very common to see children and adolescents (NNA) recycling to bring money to their families. In the targeted areas, structural problems such as family dysfunction (abandonment, economic instability), affect young people. Job insecurity (unemployment, informal employment), lack of educational opportunities, forced recruitment and linkage to illegal armed groups, displacement and threats, are permanently present.  Situations of violence by criminal groups are present almost daily.  Given the economic shortcomings and lack of opportunities, in both of the targeted zones, youth prioritize work over study and very few participate in community processes. In average 57.1% of families are nuclear, while 42,9% are extensive.  A significant percentage of young people (average 60.7%) live in free union (MYRA – ACDI-VOCA, 2021). According to surveys carried out in Riohacha,  48% of the young people living in poverty identify some risk in the community that may affect their development and life plan.

The above are all photos from our Medical Outreach missions with Sugar Creek Baptist Church and the Colombian Army across La Guajira in 2021. These are the faces of the children and families we want to continue serving.

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