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A Conviventia Fundraiser
November 16th, 2021

A generous donor has pledged to match every donation made during this event dollar for dollar! Praise Jesus!

About this event

An amazing donor has offered to match every donation made to this event, dollar for dollar!
Coming together to bless our Cartagena teachers
16 Nov. 2021
6:00 pm

Cartagena suffered a very hard hit during this pandemic, causing many of the vulnerable families we work with to have to move away in search of economic opportunities. This left our God is Love school in Cartagena in need of additional support this year. 


We invite you to join us on November 16 to raise funds in support of our devoted teachers and school staff in Cartagena, who are working tirelessly to break the poverty cycle in Colombia.


Since this is one of Colombia’s most colorful and vibrant cities, we will be hosting our Art of Education fundraiser at the lovely Archway Gallery in Montrose. 


From 6-7pm we will enjoy a complimentary wine pairing session where a sommelier will teach us how to 'drink like a somm' so you can recreate this at home in the future and impress your friends and family during the holiday gatherings.


Other than the amazing art on display in the gallery, there will be beautiful art created by people linked to our projects in Colombia up for silent auction; which will be live until 8pm.


Lastly, a special guest from Colombia, Jeisson Delgado, will be joining us to share more about the work God has called us to do there (7-7:30pm).


Special Guests

Some of the wonderful people that are helping us make this an excellent night for our donors!
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About Conviventia

We are a Christian development and relief non-profit breaking the cycle of poverty in Colombia by strengthening individuals, families and communities through a broad range of programs based on the principles of faith, empowerment and sustainability.

Our four programs:

- Education

- Income Generation

- Humanitarian Aid

- Family & Leadership

Our God is Love schools provide holistic Christian education to children in Colombia's most vulnerable communities under our 'School with a Purpose' model, which focuses on their academic, psychological, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development.


This event is focused on supporting our God is Love school in El Pozon, Cartagena.